Watch It Work / Before & After

This versatile laser was specially created to treat excess, unwanted dark hair on any skin tone or type and has been demonstrated by a number of independent scientific studies to be the most effective laser for this purpose (superior to intense pulse (IPL) devices).

Delicate enough for a woman's fine, sensitive skin and robust enough for a man's beard, back or arms

LightSheer ™ treatment is fast, gentle and precise. Treatments that might span months or even years with electrolysis take fewer shorter visits with the LightSheer ™ diode laser.

Here's how it works...

The LightSheer's ™ laser beam targets the pigment located in hair follicles (pigment gives hair its colour). The laser pulses (emits its light) for only a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporise the pigment, thus destroying or significantly impeding the hair's ability to regrow, but not long enough to affect the surrounding skin. A unique, patented sapphire chilled tipped handpiece cools on contact, protecting the skin while directing the laser energy to the hair follicle. Recovery is rapid and patients return to normal activities right away.